Re: Car door sealing - was True Line new "Fowler" pictures

Tim O'Connor

You should watch the PBS show on Prohibition. Very interesting. Some
breweries continued to operate throughout in the US. Seattle was quite
famous for its gentlemanly bootleggers and vast consumption of spirits.
I think imports from Canada probably increased significantly in this
era, albeit not by box car...

Tim O'

Based on several meetings with the president of Iron City brewery in Pittsburgh, back in the '60s, I learned many facilities (IC included) continued to brew, but extracted the alcohol, leaving legal "near beer" and selling the left over alcohol for medical or medicinal uses. Those with the right connections could purchase both components and inject the alcohol back into the bottles through the corks. They also made root beer, since the facilities were adaptable. None-the-less, many breweries folded in that era.

CJ Riley
Bainbridge Island WA

From: Eric <eric@...>

The cars are spotted at a building that was a brewery. If you scroll up on the larger image you can see the bricks spell out some brewing words. Of course, the image was taken in 1925 so they weren't brewing the usual stuff. Possibly they were making a malt extract there or maybe the facility was converted to a milling operation.

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