Re: True Line new "Fowler" pictures

Dennis Storzek

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Interesting. One of the NP guys measured some boards on an NP box car
as 5.5" wide with a V groove in the middle. Do you or anyone have more
information about ARA standards for siding, and the years in which the
standards were in force? At some point, judging from photos and from
some drawings, it seems that the milled boards were replaced with plain
T&G boards.

Tim O'Connor

I'm not arguing that some roads / builders used non standard sizes, just asking the Canadians if this is correct for this car, which could also be modified into a Soo Line car, but not with that door. Heck, I have a photo of a Soo Line caboose where the corner has been repaired with "beaded ceiling", the architectural section with the half-round bead next to the V groove. Likely the carman at one of the remote terminals didn't have stock and just went to the local lumber yard... either that, or the crew fixed it themselves before anyone found out they had "cornered" their caboose.

The MCB/ARA/AAR sections were only recommended practice, but were designed so that any RIP track should have material to repair any road's car. You should be able to find a drawing of all the lumber sizes in any Car Builder's Cyc. from 1922 or before until at least 1980.

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