Re: US Army and Navy boxcars during WW II + ammunition placards

Tim O'Connor

The US Army owned some ARA 1923 box cars -- there is a photo of one
in the Classic Freight Cars Volume 7, and I have a scan of one with
reweigh stencil LKOD 10-1958. But I agree I haven't heard of any that
were in use during WWII.

There's also a 1950 photo of USAX 24730, a 36 foot double sheathed
box car that may be ex-Mopac. See Mainline Modeler 12/1986.

Ed Hawkins' PS-1 roster includes MANY PS-1 box cars acquired by each
of the armed services from 1950 to 1955. Railmodel Journal 11/1993
has a 1950 builder photo --

Tim O'Connor

Here is a photo I took of a U.S. Army car in 1982. The stencil says
the car was built in 1941.

Don Strack
That car may have been built in 1941 but the 1943 ORER shows only tank cars under US War Department. Also, USAX was a post WWII reporting mark, which replaced the USQX on the WWII tank cars.
I would therefore guess that army, or any government, ammo shipments were made using regular RR boxcars.
Bill Williams

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