Re: Stock car reloading - was CN Stock Cars in the USA

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I've always referred to these as "plain bearings", which is the term used at CN (whom I work for as a conductor and loco engineer) and cited in Railway Association of Canada literature to this day.

Steve Lucas.

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I (and others on this list) are therefore opposed to the use of "friction bearings" in STMFC posts.

Richard Hendrickson,

Objection noted. As someone who has been around railroads since the '70s and worked with them since the early '80s, that's just the term I've most often heard and the term I commonly use. That despite the fact that the term may not be technically correct...

If you're opposed to use of an "everyday railroad term" here, I'll try to refrain from using it on this particular list. After many years I'm still trying to train myself to use other "more appropriate" terms such as "thermal misalignment" instead of the traditional term "sun kink", or "flight attendant" rather than "stewardess" and "administrative assistant" instead of "secretary". I'm not always free from error, so please forgive me if I slip up from time to time...

Take care,

Mark Amfahr

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