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Waybills could have many notations and changes made to them, including weighing, diversion, icing, new instructions, rates, special requests etc....however, when lading was transfered from one car to another car a new waybill was required to be issued at the transfering location. Thus, if the stock was reloaded into a different car, it would have created a "new" waybill move.

Shippers could, and did specify, on waybill, when feeding and watering occured enroute, that carloads could not be mixed, in pens and if it was a double deck car, could not have the 2 deck intermixed while feeding and watering occured.

Livestock shippers could, apply their own bedding/sanding, request the railroad to provide the service, or accept the bedding that was already in the car, thus it was possible to use a car with old bedding, however the railroad had to abide by whatever bedding request was made by the shipper.

I've looked through almost 800 livestock waybills in my collection the last few days that date from 1954 to 1976 and can find none that shows loading being transfered from one car to another. These are from RI, UP, CBQ, MILW, and GN shipping locations and most are from feeding and watering locations or destination terminals and none have waybill references, which were required when lading was transfered to another car. Changing the initials and number of equipment on a revenue waybill was frowned upon. I never did it and I do not have any waybills in my collection that show the car initial and number crossed out on loaded waybill movements.

Post dating this list, I did unload and reload livestock on the BN from 1973 thru 1978 and I only recall one instance when I had a bad order car and had to request a new car for reloading when livestock was being rested enroute.

Livestock could be shipped on transit rates and it was possible when this occured that a car could be unloaded at a feedlot from one car and reloaded into a different car. If this occured there would have been a notation on the waybill showing the previous waybill reference.

Dan Holbrook

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