Bob McCarthy

Jerry,and Bill,

     Happy New Year!

     Have forwarded the WILSON Reefer artwork to Bill for future reference.

     Since, Bill is going to have the ART fishbellly underframe ready shortly for the 40' ART car. we need images of the WILSON to determine what we need to do produce these cars in S.



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Subject: [STMFC] new decals
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Date: Friday, December 30, 2011, 10:01 PM


I just completed artwork and am taking orders for decals for a 36'

Wilson wood reefer. It covers the largest group of such cars: 1396 cars

in series 8101 -- 9600 and spanned a period from steam to the 60's. The

sets cover the most common transition era versions with an option for

one covering to the end of wood cars. See:


Jerry Glow


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