Re: Reading USRA Gondola Load



The Reading served Fort Letterkenny outside Chambersburg, PA via its connection with the WM. Ft L was and is the principle location for rebuilding armor. For a different load, you could send a load of new tracks for armor or old tracks going for scrap or any component needed to rebuild armor.

Rich Orr

<> 01/01/12 2:10 PM >>>I have a Walthers USRA gondola painted and lettered for the Reading RR. I'm trying to come up with a suitable and interesting load for it. Myresearch on Reading, PA disclosed that the city is or was known foranthracite coal and for pretzels. I don't like the idea of a coal load,and while I am confident I could fashion HO scale pretzels from thinwire, I don't think a load of pretzels would be very realistic. So I amasking the collective brain of this list for suggestions on what to loadin this car. Anyone?Richard TownsendLincoln City, Oregon

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