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Todd Horton

This topic brings up a couple of points on my mind lately.
On topic,  Wasn't there a steel mill located outside of Pottsville Pa?  I recall seeing photos of PRR cars loaded with steel products from this plant. Did the Reading serve here as well? I know there were a big player in this area. If anyone knows of photos of the plant or have information about shipments leaving here I would be interested to see them. I assume both roads had access to the plant.
Slightly off topic but I think it's relevant and it was discussed here with in the past week was the loading of tractors on flat cars. This had me thinking about believable loads for flats and open gons. Since tractors were recently discussed I'll use that as an example. What roads flat cars would you expect a load of tractors on?  The C of G is my primary focus but I wouldn't expect to see a load of John Deere's on one of their flats.  Not saying that this didn't happen but I would be surprised to see it. There's an exception to any rule but I'm thinking about what general commodities you would expect to see on say XYZ roads car. I wouldn't expect to see a load a pulp wood in a Reading gon but I suppose it could have happened.  Boxcars and covered hoppers aren't really a consideration here since most of the time you can't tell what's loaded in them but that's another topic for later discussion. If this has been discussed in the past then I
apologize for bringing it back up.   Todd Horton

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I have a Walthers USRA gondola painted and lettered for the Reading
RR. I'm trying to come up with a suitable and interesting load for
it. My research on Reading, PA disclosed that the city is or was
known for anthracite coal and for pretzels. I don't like the idea
of a coal load, and while I am confident I could fashion HO scale
pretzels from thin wire, I don't think a load of pretzels would be
very realistic. So I am asking the collective brain of this list
for suggestions on what to load in this car. Anyone?
Richard, I agree with Bruce; steel products would be a common load in
Reading mill gons. However, I'm attaching a photo which shows a
ductwork load that would certainly be interesting and different. If
you decide to model it, be sure to let us see photos of the finished
product. Note the Taylor trucks on the gon. Photo by Col. Chet
McCoid from Bob's Photo Service, Providence, RI 12/57.

All the best in the new year,

Richard Hendrickson

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