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Todd Horton

Richard, Where was the Simplex manufacturing plant located?  For what it's worth the 1925 C of G flat car that was recently saved had Simplex bolsters on it.   Todd Horton

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On 1 Jan 2012 at 4:05, soolinehistory wrote:

Left unsaid in my comments of a few days ago was my reason for
objection to calling something a
"Simplex truck." The Simplex bolsters were sold for use with many
different trucks, and indeed, were
somewhat dated by the time cast steel trucks became common
While I can't disagree with this I looked at a Red
Ball/Cape Line catalog and they have a Simplex High
Speed truck. Very strange looking and I don't think
I've ever seen a picture of one in use. Any comments
on this truck?
A completely different animal, Jon. The Simplex cast steel bolster
was introduced around the turn of the 20th century by the Simplex
Railway Appliance Co., which had disappeared by the early 1920s. The
Simplex high speed truck was an ASF design, shown in the 1937 CBCyc,
and though it never caught on in a big way, PFE and others applied
some of them to as an experiment. Apparently the truck worked okay
but wasn't a sufficient improvement over conventional trucks to
justify the added expense.

Richard Hendrickson

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