Re: Reading USRA Gondola Load

Bruce Smith


Don't interpret the pre WWII percentage to equal an immediate post WWII
percentage. In preparartion for WWII there was a rapid conversion of
many cars in 1940 and 1940. In addition, the heavy tonnage and long
trains of the war resulted in a number of wrecks directly atributed to
too high a percentage of K brakes in the trains, thus there was a push
to convert even more. By 1944 the percentage was down to 50% or less,
iirc. That said, yes, some of these cars likely still had their K

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

"Eric" <eric@...> 01/02/12 8:15 AM >>>
In addition to the load, I wonder when these USRA mill gons were
equipped with AB brake systems. A recent comment here noting AB brake
systems on less than 25% of the 1940 freight car fleet had me wondering
about how quickly the mill gons would be upgraded. Hoppers tended to be
rebuilt more frequently and many owners of the composite USRA gons
rebuilt with steel sides through the 1930s.

Wouldn't these USRA mill gondolas be candidates for retaining K brake
systems through WWII?


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