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Larry Sexton

In addition to the RMC article Tom Houle references, the Richard Hendrickson
article in the July 2002 Rail Model Journal, and the discussions in the
Steam Era Freight Cars Reviews are both helpful when working on the 46' USRA

Larry Sexton

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To all interested in the USRA 70-ton 46' mill gons operated by the Reading,
Pennsy, NYC, B & O, and a few other eastern roads, I recommend the RMC
multi-page article "USRA Steel Mill Gondolas" by Eric Neubauer in the
June, 2000 issue. It includes photos, Reading HO drawings, and history of
this car. Westerfield and Walthers offered this car.
Tom Houle

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In addition to the load, I wonder when these USRA mill gons were equipped
with AB brake systems. A recent comment here noting AB brake systems on less
than 25% of the 1940 freight car fleet had me wondering about how quickly
the mill gons would be upgraded. Hoppers tended to be rebuilt more
frequently and many owners of the composite USRA gons rebuilt with steel
sides through the 1930s.

Wouldn't these USRA mill gondolas be candidates for retaining K brake
systems through WWII?


Eric Hansmann
New Paltz, NY

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I have a Walthers USRA gondola painted and lettered for the Reading RR.
I'm trying to come up with a suitable and interesting load for it. My
research on Reading, PA disclosed that the city is or was known for
anthracite coal and for pretzels. I don't like the idea of a coal load, and
while I am confident I could fashion HO scale pretzels from thin wire, I
don't think a load of pretzels would be very realistic. So I am asking the
collective brain of this list for suggestions on what to load in this car.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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