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Eric Hansmann

Great images Rich! Thank you for pointing these out.

Interesting that the first image is of a P&LE gondola that I assume is a USRA mill gon clone as it does not have a flat steel drop end. It is also equipped with a KC brake system and not a KD system.

At least one of the images of in-service Reading gondolas sports a KC brake system, but reweigh and repack dates are not clear on the image of Reading 21445.

Bruce, thanks for the detail on the brake system upgrades through WWII. In some cases, a KD or KC brake system is visible on a freight car and the fact that many older cars had their K systems through the war years is most interesting.

My modeling focus is centered on late 1926 but I do have a few freight cars detailed for a 1948 time period. I often field questions about the different brake systems on my models and can now preface with information that a certain percentage of older freight cars may have retained their earlier brake systems. For those modeling the late 1930s or the WWII years, this may be another detail layer to consider.

I hope all attending Cocoa Beach have a great time. I'll see several of you at the upcoming RPM-Valley Forge meet!


Eric Hansmann
New Paltz, NY

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To all interested,
I also produced this model in "O" Scale a few years ago.
There are several good photos on my web site of Reading cars.

Rich Yoder

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