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Michael Aufderheide

Thank you for posting this, I love this stuff too.  I can confirm that the Monon did not have any gons numbered 1283 per the 9/3/44 entry.  They did later have box cars in this series, but not until 1946 and onward.  Also the 12/22/44 entry with CIL 51296 did not exist.  Could the "MON" be the trainman's abbreviation for Monongehela? 
Interesting for me as a Monon guy to see the 1912 built howe truss cars (2164 & 3360) still working, though on their last legs.  Also several 31800 series low-sided composite gons, two of them loaded with car doors.  I see this load in my future.
Mike Aufderheide

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Thanks for taking the time to transcribe this info! Always some interesting stuff.

Clark Propst

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