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Todd Horton

I think I read somewhere that LSBC stood for "Let's Steal Box Cars"  :-)

Todd Horton

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Wasn't it the La Salle & Bureau County that became notorious for "borrowing" and relettering cars from foreign roads ? Armand Premo
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Dear Group...

I found this tidbit on page 62 of the October, 1952 issue of
Railroad Magazine:

Q)...I saw a boxcar lettered La Salle & Bureau county Railroad in a
B&O freight. what information do you have on this railroad?---Harold
Buckley, 216 Leighton Ave, Silver Spring, Maryland.

A)...Chartered August 29, 1890, under the laws of Illinois, this road
was built in 1892 and opened in October, 1893. It is operated by the
Matthiessen & Hegeler Zinc Company as a switching property. This
railroad is operated for freight service only, extending from La Salle,
Illinois northwestward to Ladd, with a total trackage of 15 miles.
Connections are made with the Illinois Central at Midway; the Chicago,
Burlington & Quincy at Hegeler; the Chicago & North Western at La Salle
Junction, and with the Illinois Division of the New York Central at

The line is standard gage, with 80-, 90- and 100-lb. rail. Equipment
consists of three locomotives, (one propane-electric and two
diesel-electric road switcher units), and two 40-foot, 6-inch, 50-ton
boxcars, numbered 1001 and 1002. These freight cars are used in
interchange service. Connection is made with the Rock Island at La Salle
via the Illinois Central. The road had 19 employees and eight
stockholders. Offices and headquarters are in la Salle.

My question is this: Does anyone out there have a photo of 1001 or
1002 that they could share with the Group?
As Dennis stated one has to love Google ... Nothing for car # 1001 and
1002, but ...

There is this 1950 photo of a car #1100 built "NEW"on the Fallen Flag
site that looks like a PS-1.

A web site devoted to the LS&BC, states the roster had PS-1 box cars
built in 1947 in series 1100 - 1119.

And after the time frame of this list there are the 277 box cars (PS-1)
"stolen" from the PC ;-).


Bob Witt

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