Re: CB&Q caboose trucks

Dave Lotz

Hi Jerry,

I know that Q Connection has purchased a quantity of the Athearn trucks and
will sell them to you. Contact Q Connection at
<> for details.

Dave Lotz

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CB&Q caboose trucks

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Thu Jan 5, 2012 6:01 am (PST)

Hi All, Is there any source for CB&Q caboose trucks? I know there used
to be an MDC set that could be used, but from what I gather they are no
longer produced. I am building a AMB 40' Q caboose and the project is
definitely stalled without trucks. Also, if anyone has built this kit has
any tips
for the endrailings, I'd appreciate the information. This is a really
nice model, and I modified the kit to include Beardstown braces that were
common to these cabooses used in the Southern Illinois coal fields.

Jerry Michels

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