Re: Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails - Small scale manufacturing


I'm not going to quote Dale Evans' lenghty but thoughtful post (you can refer to it if desired) but my impreeion of this "market" is what the clince was called - "botique" and someone termed "underground" In this day of lack of interest in kits and assembly I think this kind of work will remain a labor of love or self interest and no amount of desire is going to make it anything more unless someone is willing to spend the bucks to make it profitible for the small manufacturers. We can't expect them to take the risks or expend the effort just because we want something.

One of my favorite replys of such a supplier was Bob Weigner founder of Details West when asked why something wasn't made. He reply was, there ain't but about 5% in the hobby who would even be interested. I suspect the market for the even more specialized stuff we're talking about is even less.

Jerry Glow

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