Re: F&C's high walkway tankcar

Bruce Smith

Sharon had the Magnolia decals there and would swap them out. I passed
on this model as I have a couple W&R brass cars and these cars were
quite rare in general service by WWII. Interestingly, Steve (Jr.) told
me that the W&R model was "less accurate" than the F&C model due to the
presence of dual rows of rivets for the attachment of the end of the
tank on the W&R model (indicating an earlier tank on the type 7 frame?).
The rail supports on the F&C model are resin and looked oversized to my
eyes. That would seem necessary for what would certainly be a weak spot
in the model. In thinking about it, this would be one place where a
decent etched part might be a better approach.

Bruce Smith

"al_brown03" <abrown@...> 01/10/12 11:15 AM >>>
I got one, but didn't understand the part of Steve Funaro's clinic about
the railings, and haven't opened the box. I only saw Texaco in the
display, will look around for prototypes before building.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

--- In STMFC@..., Gerald Glow <jerryglow@...> wrote:

Did anyone purchase this kit at Cocoa Beach? I have a friend who is
interested in one to use for CNW and wondered about the method used to
construct the railings especially the uprights. Also did anyone get
Magnolia car - the flyer only shows the Texaco and it's not on their
site yet.

Jerry Glow
The Villages.


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