Cocoa Beach report

Bill Welch

I will offer up some things I saw this past weekend and assume others
will fill in. InterMountain had parts for their upcoming Alternate
Standard two-bay offset twin hopper. As they are just now tooling up
this model, I can only assume what they were displaying were "Rapid
Prototyped" resin parts. The center sill and one piece hopper bays
will be metal. The components were very finely done and this will be
a very nice model. It resembles a Tichy hopper in the way it will go
together and if the choose to view the center sill and hopper
components as common core parts could assemble any number of sides
and ends to do not only the alternate standard but the standard
offset as well. Frank A. said these will be available as kits as well
as built up.

Jon Cagle (Southern Car & Foundry) was displaying two different 3-
dome tank cars and to those that lingered he brought out the
insulated car he is working on. Very fine cross section where the
ends and side sheathing join. He made reference to a fourth new tank
car model but I failed to ask about it. He did say during the panel
discussion that his current tank car kits will be going on hiatus
once his current stock is sold out, so you better hurry if you have
been waiting.

With several Westerfield NYC boxcars yet to build, I intend on buy
one of the BWL cars w/replacement roof but could not find any
pre-1955 cars.

I purchased one of F&C's Union 52-foot gondolas and since it was a
"buy one get one free deal" I also bought a PRR GLca 2-bay hopper. It
will be interesting to compare it to the Westerfield version. When
looking at these with the aid of my Opti-Visor, Steve is somehow
applying a very finely done very small detail where the grab irons
attach. Don't know how to describe it but it is clearly replicating a
small piece of attachment hardware. I recently built F&C re-release
of the MP 45-foot gon which is very nice and the 52-foot car is
equally nice.

As usual Lance M. provided some very sound concepts and Roger H.
plowed new ground w/his presentation on IC and NP reefers. Mont S.
gave me some new ideas as I listened to and watched his presentation.

After my inquiries about cutting instruments, John Greedy gave me
something new to try out.

I am finally connecting with more Florida modelers and hope to work
out ways to get to know them better.
Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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