Re: Rosters of US Army or Navy boxcars during WW II


This is later, but the July 1950 Register lists:
Dept. of Army
135 Flat
497 Box
22 Gondola
24 hopper
3396 tank

USNX (Navy)
1304 Box
82 Flat
4 Hopper
316 tank

Atomic Energy Commission, ATMX
10 Box
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I have been researching WWII and the shipment of war materials, including
munitions, for a number of years and I've never seen a listing of the US
Army or Navy boxcars in service during WWII. Any photos I've seen of boxcars
arriving at military bases during that time show boxcars owned by the

I just checked my January 1942 ORER and the War Department listed 1694
tankcars of which 286 were helium tankcars, but no boxcars. The Navy listed
one 43' OSL boxcar and a few tankcars. I have been told by a couple of
people that were responsible for shipping munitions to the ports for
shipment overseas during Vietnam that the military had obtained quite a few
boxcars during WWII. Based on the boxcars that showed up shipside during
Vietnam, most of those boxcars were not new cars in WWII.

Hopefully, someone on the list has a 1945 or 46 ORER and can tell you what
boxcars are listed for the Navy and War Department. I'll be surprised if
they were listed in the ORERs before that. Based on feedback, I believe that
the military bought quite a few boxcars during the war so they could load
the cars and hold them at depots around the country waiting for the Navy
ships to show up for re-supply and the merchant ships to take on loads to
carry to the allies. Good luck with your research and I'd appreciate
feedback on what you find.

Larry Sexton

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As you know, I am preparing a clinic for the February 18th SFRH&MS Mini-Meet
regarding the Chemical Warfare Service's San Bernardino Bomb Plant and the
Rialto Back-Up Ammunition Storage Point east of San Bernardino, CA during
World War II.

Does anyone have or know where I could locate rosters of US Army or US Navy
boxcars that would have been in use during World War II (1941-1945).

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide and . . . Happy New

Best wishes,


Stuart A. Forsyth
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