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Steve Vallee

Dear Group...
   I found something that might be helpful to modelers. While looking through the October, 1954 issue of Railroad Magazine, I spotted this Q&A on page 43:
  Q)... Where can I find a library specializing in railroad subjects?
  A)...If you ever visit Washington, D. C., you could use the world's largest transportation library, which is maintained by the Bureau of Railway Economics, Association of American Railroads, in the Transportation Building. Here you will find, in addition to technical and historical information, special collections of documentary material. Included are Government reports, files of American and foreign periodicals, including "Railroad Magazine," annual statements of railroad companies and public utilities commissions, proceedings of railroad clubs and associations, maps, newspaper clippings, manuals, directories, and other reference works. The library is used extensively by men in railroading as well as by editors, students, authors, educators, researchers, business men, and even politicians.
  Does anyone know if this place is still open?
  Steve Vallee

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