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To affirm the usefulness of a booth, I've been blasting cara and sub assemblies for years a I have a commercial booth from my days as a custom painter. It's great for evening out and cleaning up all sorts of imperfections. I recently did some ART cars with the little guards in the corners. Cleaning up after gluing was a simple matter as was cleaning end details.

Jerry Glow

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Ted Culotta's Essential Freight Car articles convinced me that sandblasting
the metal parts of resin freight cars before painting would be a worthwhile
idea. Doing it outside in the wind worked but was messy so I finally built
my own sandblasting booth. At one time, there were some photos in the STMFC
files of one built by someone else on this list but by the time I decided to
build my own, they had apparently been deleted although I followed the same
basic idea. My booth was simple to build and article on it is in
the new (February) issue of RMC for those interested...

Jack Burgess

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