Re: Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails - Low volume "manufacturing"

Joel Holmes <lehighvalley@...>

Hi Tom,

I second this. I would hate to see you leave PCL. That group has been of
much value to me and I am always in need of Pullman heavy weight parts.
They are hard to come by and I must make many of my own parts.

Joel Holmes

Tom - frankly I'd hate to see you step aside as list owner at PCL, as
you've fostered a good atmosphere over there. I'd have thought that a
reasonable way to approach this would be for a separate Prototype Modelers
Boutique (I'm searching for a better word and drawing a blank). In such a
place, small scale producers could make the parts available, and that
there would be an expectation that such parts would be "unsupported" -
that assuming everything arrives in good condition, the producers
obligation has ended, and it's up to the modeler to work it out from

Of course, given the nature of this list and the PCL, I would assume that
help would probably be forthcoming from other modelers in a collegial way,
but it wouldn't be formally part of the arrangement.

As one of the younger modelers on this list at 28, I certainly have no
problem with that approach, and I'd MUCH rather have the parts available
to built the models I want than have them held back for fear of having to
deal with the problems. I'd REALLY like my Streamstyle Pullmans. PLEASE!


--- In, "pullmanboss" <pullmanboss@...> wrote:

I say "test" because I've been sitting on a large number of patterns and
resin castings for heavyweight Pullman aftermarket parts but have been
reluctant to offer them for fear of being overwhelmed by the demand. I'm
now fairly comfortable with marketing them only on the Passenger Car
List the way I did the tank cars here. (And if I do much of that I'll
step aside as Passenger Car List Owner.)

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