Re: Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails - Low volume "manufacturing"


Frankly I don't think you are being blunt enough, Tom.

(I'm new to this group and this is my first post here.)

I've been following this thread with great interest. Within my circle of associates are several model manufacturers or former manufacturers and we have been discussing this topic to one degree or another for several years. Because "our" market is rather much more limited than even the Finescale market we've become somewhat disenchanted with the idea of having so much demand that we could not keep up. Our discussions have revolved around more of an informal Coop rather than something as organized as I've gather from this thread.

What strikes me about your comments as well as others is the concern for "over demand". Clearly money isn't an issue. Clearly you have already paid your dues to the hobby. To me, the concern that we need to each take responsibility for mentoring younger modelers is a collective effort. Individually, we each need to do our best for our own enjoyment rather than to impress, guide, or advertise for the hobby. You know this; when we do something because of our love for it the results show the dedication that inspires others far more than something we've done out of obligation.

I'll cut to the chase then; I don't see a FORMAL organization for low volume manufacturing actually succeeding. In fact, I think such an effort would simply be an added burden to anyone who was involved. (You and I both just wanna make models). Since money is not the objective the formality of an organization needs to go away. Instead may I suggest that those of us inclined to make parts simply make parts and let an informal coop evolve? In other words, lead by example; make the parts; limited the quantity to a comfortable number; offer them on what ever lists you wish (or have permission for doing so); clearly indication that this is all there is; move on to the next item… as you feel inclined. If this is indeed a viable venue you will see an informal coop of likeminded individuals join in.

Respectfully I don't quite see the need to belabor any of this. My skills would certainly lend themselves to such a coop. If I were to mass produced any parts I would certainly be interested in sharing those parts but my motivation would be based on my personal interest for my own modeling interests. I would also be looking to other who made parts to help fill in the gaps of my own modeling. And I wouldn't be very concerned about whether I traded for parts or simply sold them outright.

As for those who miss out on parts; bluntly – that is the way the cookie crumbles. (I already do plenty of self-sacrificing as I am certain all of you do as well).

Or am I just missing the point?

Derrell Poole

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