Re: F&C's high walkway tankcar

Tim O'Connor

Bruce Smith wrote

> Interestingly, Steve (Jr.) told me that the W&R model was "less accurate"
> than the F&C model due to the presence of dual rows of rivets for the
> attachment of the end of the tank on the W&R model (indicating an earlier
> tank on the type 7 frame?).

Bruce, I don't know what Stevie meant, but I have a 1-dome and a 4-dome W&R
tank and neither one has dual rows of rivets anywhere, and certainly not where
the ends are attached. Is Steve Jr. going to take over his dad's biz? I hope
so, assuming he's still a big SP fan! We owe the F&C SP auto box cars to his
influence. :-)

Tim O'Connor

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