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A few more comments...

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Although the price of this kind of quality and fidelity is relatively high, certainly there's a possibility of making masters for relatively inexpensive resin castings.
Which is contrary to your earlier comment that we could just forget resin casting...

Here is the results of a real world test I did a couple years ago, using the Print-a-Part service that used to be offered by the same company that is now Fineline:

This is an HO scale "L" triple valve mounted on the pressure head of of a Precision Scale Company passenger car brake cylinder. You'll note the part has a variety of angular and cylindrical surfaces, some with little bolt heads on them... it's really a typical model RR part, and can't really be easily modeled any other way. Using the Print-a-Part web site, I worked out the most cost effective number, and as I recall, a dozen of these cost me around $80, or just under $7 EACH. I had entertained the thought that if the 3D parts were of decent quality, I would offer them to Precision scale for use as masters, and they could add them to their line. Obviously, that never happened. Let me honestly ask... would any of you pay three or four bucks, or whatever an investment cast brass detail part is worth these days, for a part of this quality?

Kow I understand that one of the reasons that the Print-a-Part site closed was that the newer machines provide about twice the resolution, but at several times the price, pricing the resulting parts out of the consumer market. I also understand that Fineline will do service bureau type work for anyone, quoting each job individually. My question, before I waste any more money, is twice the resolution really going to be enough better?

I mean, we can all find photos of things we'd like lettering for on the web, but would we actually use, and pay money for, decals printed at web resolution? The lettering would look like the lettering we wanted, kind of, just like my triple valve kind of looks like the triple valve I wanted. But, is it really what I want?


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