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Hi Larry,
I checked out my original of the 1931 CBC and I would agree with 11/29 as the built date.

It is also the first photograph of a car I can recall personally seeing that shows a car equipped with Taylor Flexible Trucks - I had to go searching through the "Trucks" section in order to identify them (pages 776 and 777).

Does anyone know how common (or uncommon) these trucks were? The Flexible Truck Corporation of Reading, PA, indicates in their ad on page 777 that, at the time, they were installed on over 4,000 cars. I would guess that is a pretty small fraction of the total number of cars in 1931. I found no reference to them in the 1928 and 1946 CBCs, a search of the message archive came up empty and a Google search for "taylor flexible freight car truck" returned nothing relevant.

Greg Kennelly
Burnaby, BC

I'm not certain the reason for the my error, but Reading 30045, a 70 ton 65'
gondola built by Bethlehem Steel in what appears to be 11/29 is on page 241
of Train Shed Cyclopedia #46, as re-printed from the 1931 Car Builder's
Cyclopedia. Sorry for any confusion, put down to poor proof reading.

The gon is stenciled with the underlined Reading reporting marks centered on
the gondola side. Thanks for the question.

Larry Sexton

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