Re: Taylor Flexible Trucks - was Re: Reading USRA Gondola Load

Richard Hendrickson

On Jan 15, 2012, at 6:25 PM, pge253 (Greg Kennelly) wrote:

It is also the first photograph of a car I can recall personally
seeing that shows a car equipped with Taylor Flexible Trucks - I
had to go searching through the "Trucks" section in order to
identify them (pages 776 and 777).

Does anyone know how common (or uncommon) these trucks were? The
Flexible Truck Corporation of Reading, PA, indicates in their ad on
page 777 that, at the time, they were installed on over 4,000 cars.
I would guess that is a pretty small fraction of the total number
of cars in 1931. I found no reference to them in the 1928 and 1946
CBCs, a search of the message archive came up empty and a Google
search for "taylor flexible freight car truck" returned nothing
The Taylor truck doesn't appear in the 1937 CBCyc, either, Greg, so
the Flexible Truck Corporation apparently had a rather short life.
Taylor, who designed the trucks, was a Reading Railroad mechanical
department official, and as far as I know Taylor trucks were applied
only to freight cars owned and operated by the Reading. Like many
another truck design, they worked okay but were not enough better
than more conventional designs to attract the support of other
railroads and soon disappeared from the market, though the Reading
kept them in service at least through the 1950s.

Richard Hendrickson

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