Re: Re-issue of Branchline wood reefers by Atlas


Atlas has stated that it is a re-issue of the Branchline car.

I ask about this model because I'm far from an expert in the wood-reefer field. I don't know the difference(s) between FGEX, Union, NATX......

And there isn't a lot of material on this kind of car online, as opposed to, say, 50' steel boxcars.

Or am I just missing a perhaps available source?

I note that the model has a fish-belly center sill--Fruit Growers appear to not.

There are also corner re-enforcements on the model--these are kinda rare on most of the wood reefer photos I've looked at (the reefers in color book).


Edward Sutorik

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Arved Grass wrote:

I'm certainly not a FGE expert, but it's not all that bad, is it?"

Model certainly isn't an ex-Branchline reefer.  It's got molded on details, and
looks an N scale model.  (Even though this photo is hosted on their "HO Scale"
pages, Atlas has used photos of N scale models in HO listing in the past.)

Ben Hom 

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