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Aley, Jeff A

I thought I'd give Mark a hand by checking the rosters at steamfreightcars dot com. But I found that the website is defunct (fortunately, it is archived by the Wayback Machine).

We also were unable to contact Ted Culotta re: Prototype Rails. Has anybody heard from him recently?



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Q)... What's the dope on this new Buffalo Creek Railroad? Please give history of this road.

A)...This railroad is not new, despite the fact that it owns a thousand 50-ton boxcars ... These boxcars were purchased to overcome the frequent shortage of clean cars suitable for loading flour.
Hello all,

For what it's worth, two of those cars showed up in a sample of Union Pacific trains moving during May of 1956. Neither of the two cars on the U.P. contained flour - one had aluminum, the other paper. So it appears that they were "roaming freely" across the country along with most other plain boxcars.

Is there an HO model of those cars available (AC&F 40'6" all steel with 7' doors) decorated for BCK?

Take care,

Mark Amfahr

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