Re: Re-issue of Branchline wood reefers by Atlas

Ed Hawkins

On Jan 17, 2012, at 12:29 PM, spsalso wrote:

Atlas has stated that it is a re-issue of the Branchline car.

I ask about this model because I'm far from an expert in the wood-reefer field. I don't know the difference(s) between FGEX, Union, NATX......

And there isn't a lot of material on this kind of car online, as opposed to, say, 50' steel boxcars.

Or am I just missing a perhaps available source?

I note that the model has a fish-belly center sill--Fruit Growers appear to not.

There are also corner re-enforcements on the model--these are kinda rare on most of the wood reefer photos I've looked at (the reefers in color book).

The models are patterned after URTC, MRX, NWX, and WRX cars built in the late 1920s to 1930s by AC&F. RP CYC Volumes 4 and 5, both out of print, had articles about the cars including numerous builder's photos of original billboard schemes and 1930s-1950s in-service photos. Color photos of some of these cars are in Gene Green's Refrigerator Car Color Guide by Morning Sun Books.
Ed Hawkins

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