Re: Car door sealing - was True Line new "Fowler" pictures

Guy Wilber

Don wrote:

"...what REALLY interests me in the photo is the car door seemingly sealed with some sort of heavy paper. Presumedly this was to keep the lading as clean as possible but other than newsprint what might the lading have been???? I have seen examples of this use of what I presume was a heavy paper for years but never in a photo good enough to post and raise question about. Thus the value of this one to me. In all the carloading manuals I have looked at, or have acquired, over the years not one bit of documentation of this practice has been found. Blocking for pipes, tractors and such I have plenty of but not doors sealed with paper in this fashion. What do we (collectively) really know about the practice.


You are relying on the Open Top Loading Manuals, the instructions for sealing (battening) doors were contained within the Closed Car Manuals or separate pamphlets published by the ARA and AAR's Transportation Division.

The sealing of doors was part of several loading pamphlets including; bagged commodities, newsprint and commodities shipped in fiberboard containers. The first of these was issued in 1925.

The information was also offered within Pamphlet 10. - Car Doors--Battening, as Protection Against Damage by Weather, Cinders, Etc., first issued in 1937 with a revision in 1941.


Guy Wilber
Sparks, Nevada

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