Owl Mountain Models safety vents

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I thought I would post a quick note here about this new company. Jason Hill posted a note on the list during all the Cocoa Beach hullabaloo, so it went rather unheralded. He was advertising a new detail part, specifically HO scale single and twin safety vents for older tank car domes (think Sunshine's GATC type 17, or F&C's type 11). The name of his company is Owl Mountain Models.

I ordered examples of each, mailing off my check and received the parts yesterday within the span of a week. They are EXQUISITE! The parts are cast brass, with a very thin separate ring of etched metal to represent the mounting flange. You simply drill a hole in the side of the dome and CA the parts in place.

The URL is www.owlmtmodels.com, and I encourage you to check it out and place an order. The parts are well worth the money, in my opinion. Mr. Hill has an ambitious list of projects listed on the site, and it is well worth a few minutes of your time to see what he has planned.

I have no commercial interest in Owl Mountain Models, but I am a satisfied customer who would like to see a new "boutique" manufacturer get off the ground.

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, Iowa

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