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Tony Thompson comments about copyright ...

Yes, Roger, you are quite right. I was attempting to refer to the
pre-1978 days
Yes, back then - the pre-1978 days - if back in those days you did not
dot your 'i's' and cross your 't's' you were dead meat. Back then, a
failure to include a notice of copyright was tantamount to being a
dedication of one's work to the public domain. Not so any more. Now,
it is just the other way around. So, the lesson is, if you are gonna
mess with something created by someone else, you better get in contact
with them and chat about it. Otherwise, you could find yourself to be
in a world of hurt -- Especially so if they have gone to the trouble
to have their copyright registered with the Feds -- That's when it
will *really* hurt.

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

thompson@... wrote:
Roger Miener, who unlike me actually can speak with authority on
the law:
Tony, I see what you say and I know what you mean ... but what I
think you might rather have said is that " has no bearing on
whether copyright is *enforceable*. " As you said later in the
same post ...
Yes, Roger, you are quite right. I was attempting to refer to the
pre-1978 days, during which if you failed to include that copyright
notice, you would not be granted copyright, which in those days you
had to humbly request, while being sure you followed several
precise rules. The word "grant" is indeed inoperative in the
copyright world today, as Roger clearly explains.

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