Re: Cocoa Beach report

Andy Harman

At 09:39 AM 1/11/2012 -0800, you wrote:
ooked forward to this meet". After some years of so-so food (at best),
which too often was also overpriced, the food this year was excellent
(excellent!) IMHO.

I had kind of given up on the hotel food, so we didnt eat there at all,
maybe next year I'll give it a try. Missing breakfast hours is pretty much
a tradition when on vacation, so that's ok. All of the places we ate this
trip - not just in Cocoa but in Kissimmee during the week prior. were good.
Last year we got something like three free meals and at least three free
desserts just from screw ups at restaurants.

I was surprised that Silvestro's was open for business. They won't be
getting any of mine however...

6) The Door Prize drawing Saturday night was again seriously flawed.
Despite holding an unprecedented number of tickets - including Mont
Switzer's who had to make an "exit of necessity"- before it was over, none
of my numbers were called, i.e. zero, nada, nein, non, zip, nothing.

We didn't win anything either, but that's ok. We cleaned up at Lisle.

I too have been to all 12 Cocoa Beech events. This one was certainly one
of the best, if not THE best weather wise. It was even reasonable enough
to smoke a cigar outside after dark. Twice.

This was the first year I actually brought more freight cars than diesels.
Many of them OT for this list, but at least I got my feet wet over the past
year and got some done. I didn't spend as much as I have in the past - a
couple of the BLI NYC box cars, a small number of photos.

My own clinic went surprisingly well, in spite of last minute subject
matter. Both sessions were well attended - for me anyway. I think I had
15 on Friday and 18 on Saturday. I even got to attend two other clinics -
Bill Schaumburg's and Tom Madden's. No equipment issues at all. My 5 year
old laptop is still going strong and this year it accompanied me on two
hospital stays, and didn't catch any diseases. Normal lifespan of a laptop
for me is 2-3 years, with light usage.

Next time will be Lucky 13. If the world doesn't end in December, of


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