Re: Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails - Low volume "manufacturing"

Andy Harman

At 06:09 PM 1/13/2012 -0600, you wrote:
The post gave the impression, at least to me, that model makers do not
want to be bothered by beginners and limited production seem to be the
norm now, rather than the exception, for many model suppliers.
I feel the pain. I recently had some parts made. It was my idea, but
other than that I had nothing to do with actually creating the part. I now
own the entire production run, which will last me a little while, but
enough people have seen them to create a demand for maybe 100 more. The
guy who did them is looking for a way to do them in larger quantities with
3d printing - mine were done that way, all hand cleaned, etc. But no real
time frame. I feel a bit selfish in that I got what I wanted, and showed
it off, but I'm not in a position to help the production situation at the
moment. Like anything else, I have to anticipate my future needs and get
stuff while I can. This results in an enormous stockpile of odd items that
I certainly won't live long enough to utilize. But it's part of the fun
too. I must admit, this last project went from looking at photos at 2 am,
sending an email to a list, to having 5 sets of the parts in hand in 5

I wish I had the skill to create things out of thin air, but as someone
once said you gotta know your limitations. Hopefully I can contribute
something as an instigator or facillitator, if not a manufacturer.


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