Re: Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails - Low volume "manufacturing"

Andy Harman

At 02:16 PM 1/14/2012 -0000, you wrote:
The "problem" is that Tom is exceptional at both aspects. Few do or are
willing to do the quality of the castings he produces.

Well at the risk of buttering up too much, Tom is also an excellent
presenter. I don't go to a lot of clinics but I always try to make it to
Tom's no matter the subject. His intro clinic on rapid prototyping a few
years ago gave me 90% of what I know about the subject. And in the
intervening years, the technology has improved and at the same time become
affordable for those crazy 2 am pipe dreams, even if I probably won't do
any parts myself, I have a much better awareness of what can be done (and
what can't).


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