Re: Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails - Low volume "manufacturing"

Andy Harman

At 04:59 PM 1/14/2012 +0000, you wrote:
I don't see any "showstopper" problems in any of the above. Items 3 & 4
have to be worked out, to mutual satisfaction, by the Craftsman, and each
Craftsman will choose differently. The fact that "this can work" is
clearly evidenced by the flat cars recently advertized by Clark Propst, or
by the decals advertized by Jerry Glow. I doubt anybody's getting rich,
but it will might allow you to buy a few more Reboxx wheelsets.

The whole "net" world makes direct sales practical, and spreading the word
costs little or nothing as you say. And if you target skilled modelers
that know what they're buying, there's not a lot of overhead for packaging,
instruction sheets, etc. This is where I feel a bit out of my element with
freight cars. I have the modeling skills but lack experience with the
terminology. I've been building diesels for almost 40 years, but only
really trying to build accurate freight cars for 3-4 years, and I haven't
gotten too far out on a limb yet. I have learned a lot, but I don't have
the entire parts catalog memorized. This can cause me to miss out on
something I could really use (like some of Ted Culotta's products), or get
halfway into something before I realize there's a better starting point.
That's an amateur mistake... the diesel equivalent of investing 20 hours
detailing a widebody Athearn diesel without knowing there are at least
three better alternatives.

I'm quite sure I have some freight car kits and parts that I just don't
know what to do with. I have a resin 2-bay hopper bottom casting on my
bench that was given to me last year - I think by Brian Everett - and I
have completely forgotten what it's for... LOL.

Since turning 50, I have begun to realize the importance of writing things
down, and remembering where I put the piece of paper. Not just in the
hobby but in my day job. I got rung into a conference call at work today,
that I knew about a week ago, and I totally drew a blank as to the topic.
On top of that, the boss who arranged it wasn't able to join in, so I ended
up having to lead the discussion myself. I think I did a nice recovery and
did ok under the circumstances but... I've always relied on committing
things to memory, and that sharpness is leaving me minute by minute.

Oh well, more 2 am rambling...


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