Re: BLI NYC steel boxcars

Andy Harman

At 11:12 PM 1/16/2012 -0000, you wrote:
The new NYC steel boxcars are looking great but has anybody already tried
to operate them on a layout? I took a close look at the trucks and the
couplers of my cars and I am wondering how they will perform. The centering
springs of the Kadee clones are much thicker and stiffer than genuine Kadee
springs and the couplers do not move as easily as real Kadees.

Apparently after using both McHenrys and real Kadees intermittently, BLI
has now made their own weird Kadee clone. I was able to replace these with
Kadees and they ended up at the right height - a lot less trouble than
putting Kadees on the first batch of H2a hoppers. The truck mounting is
just downright strange. I have operated my car a few hours without any
problems, but out of the box it would have been problematic.


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