Re: BLI NYC steel boxcars

Andy Harman

At 07:20 AM 1/17/2012 -0500, you wrote:
I have seven of the cars in different variations and the roofwalks on
virtually all of them fell off while in the process of changing out the
couplers. They must have used sticky-note glue to hold them on! What
type of glue are the rest of you using to refasten them? I know CA is
not the answer, but what is a good glue to use that won't creep up
through the fine grates?
My roofwalk fell off just taking it out of the box. I just re-attached it
with Cyanopoxy. Probably not the best but I got lucky. It's just as well
that it falls off, since the supports on the crossovers have to be cut down
a bit.


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