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It is nice to see the ladies getting more involved in the hobby.If my wife was still alive she would be excited,for the longest time she felt like the elephant in the room.All the meets and hobby shop we went to, she was usually the only woman there that wasn't "dragged there by the hubby".Glad you are here.Mark McCoy tavwot@...

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On 19/01/2012 01:42, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Bill, one of the best Southern Pacific modelers around is
Elizabeth Allen... She's not on this list but is an active
and knowledgeable contributor on the Espee and Modern Freight
Cars mailing lists. Ashley is welcome here because she likes
freight cars and the steam era. That's good enough for me.

I have a friend who has a whole photo album of P&SR rolling
stock! I've begged him to get those photos published or just
scanned but no luck, he won't budge.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the warm welcome. Now just don't geek out on me, okay.


That is just so annoying. The one thing I need for my manuscript is
about another 250 photographs, as I have about 50, but would probably
need 300 (on the assumption that each double page spread would have
three photographs).

Such is the life of anyone researching anything to do with historical
railways I guess.

Ashley Pollard


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