Re: Illinois Central 176000-176999/16000-16975 Boxcar photos sought

Ed Hawkins

On Jan 19, 2012, at 2:46 PM, Bill Welch wrote:

I am building one of the IC's single door single sheathed 40-ft
boxcars, Sunshine #57.2. These cars were originally numbered
176000-176999 and renumbered 16000-16975 after WWII. I have several
photos but none give me a clear view of the ends. I am especially
interested seeing the location of the lower grabs on the ends and the
brake wheel layout if possible. Does anyone know of a source of a
photo with a good view of the end, "B" end prefered?
When I built Sunshine 57.2, I went through the same thought process you
are going through. This won't answer your question conclusively but
might be of limited help. The cars were built in 1927 by Pullman
(176000-176499) and Mount Vernon (176500-176999). A builder's photo of
176399, built 10-27, is shown on page 385 of the 1928 Car Builders'
Cyclopedia. The "B" end is barely visible and does not provide a good
view of what you are looking for. A 3/4 "B" end builder's photo of
176999 is available from the National Archives of Canada. Perhaps
someone on the STMFC has this image that may have the car turned more
towards the end.

IC 176999
NOTES: blt. Mt.VC 9/27
ACC#/LOC.: Merr/1980-149;D/6855

As built the cars had Jemco vertical-staff hand brakes and KC brakes.
Photos of renumbered cars 16066 (W. C. Whittaker, 1954, left side view)
and 16704 (Paul Dunn, 1959, right side view from R. Burg) show
broadside views in which the ends cannot be seen. The cars received AB
brakes by these dates, however, I cannot determine if the
vertical-staff hand brakes were replaced with power hand brakes. The
1954 IC diagram isn't of help, except that it does not list any type of
power hand brake. I got my model about 98% built when I stopped in
hopes that other photos might surface. Let's hope that more photos are
out there.
Ed Hawkins

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