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Krylon has a good selection of rattle cans of interest to model
railroaders, and I found a good selection at Michael's. I wasn't looking
for texture paint, so I didn't pay attention to the details, but a trip
to Michael's is worthwhile for other model projects as well as yours. My
best find so far was the flat aluminum for painting SSS passenger cars
(OK, that's another list, but it's a good example of what you can find
there). I like their flat aluminum better than any metallic model paints
- less grainy, smooth finish, and dries fast. I've used Krylon Crystal
Clear to coat inkjet decals, and I've use Clear Satin when I didn't want
a gloss or flat finish. Testors probably has some texture paints, too,
so check out their web site.

Nelson Moyer

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I'm working on a load for one of my HO steam era freight cars. I want it
to look like a foundry casting and I seem to recall having read about a
spray paint, possibly from Krylon, that will give a sort of rough,
gritty texture to what it is sprayed on. Anybody know of such a paint?
I'm not talking about the spray-on orange peel coating or the fake
spray-on speckled granite paint.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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