Re: Gritty paint

Charles Hladik


As I can't get to it right now, I'll tell you what I remember.
A product called Faux Fabrix (I think that's spelled right) made
mostly for the model car guys for seat textures is available in black, red and
gray. Small spray can. See if your LHS can order it. Seems that SMP (?) was
the manufacturer.
Chuck Hladik

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I'm working on a load for one of my HO steam era freight cars. I want it to
look like a foundry casting and I seem to recall having read about a spray
paint, possibly from Krylon, that will give a sort of rough, gritty
texture to what it is sprayed on. Anybody know of such a paint? I'm not talking
about the spray-on orange peel coating or the fake spray-on speckled granite

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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