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John Hile

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Does Bowser still make their 2D-F8 trucks? These were included in Bowser's 70-ton covered hopper kit I bought 14 years ago, and the instruction sheet called them out as part #74277. Bowser now describes #74277 as an AAR 70-ton truck.

Is #74277 still the 2D-F8 truck, just mislabeled by Bowser?

Several years ago (2007 to be exact) I was told by Lee English (via email) that the 74277 trucks are the ones that resemble a 70t ASF A-3 - the former Stewart Models truck. But I can't really trust that info...I was never sure he understood what truck I was trying to describe. I referred to it as the former Stewart Models truck, and he told me they didn't have the old Stewart truck. But, when I referenced a specific model shown on their web site with that truck (PRR G39a ore jenny 691-10674) he replied that was the 74277. This is clearly the former Stewart Models truck, packaged with all of my ATSF triple hoppers.

They are listed as in-stock here if you want to take a chance:

John Hile

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