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In HO scale? The surface roughness of steel castings probably would disappear. I'd grant you, an oxidized steel casting is pretty flat (non-gloss) in surface appearance, unless there are oil stains on it from rough machining in which case those areas are semi-glossy.

Compare new, unpainted modern coupler heads for an example of non-machined steel surfaces.

Ron Merrick

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I'm working on a load for one of my HO steam era freight cars. I want it to look like a foundry casting and I seem to recall having read about a spray paint, possibly from Krylon, that will give a sort of rough, gritty texture to what it is sprayed on. Anybody know of such a paint? I'm not talking about the spray-on orange peel coating or the fake spray-on speckled granite paint.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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