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Does Bowser still make their 2D-F8 trucks? These were included in Bowser's 70-ton covered hopper kit I bought 14 years ago, and the instruction sheet called them out as part #74277. Bowser now describes #74277 as an AAR 70-ton truck.

Is #74277 still the 2D-F8 truck, just mislabeled by Bowser?

Several years ago (2007 to be exact) I was told by Lee English (via email) that the 74277 trucks are the ones that resemble a 70t ASF A-3 - the former Stewart Models truck. But I can't really trust that info...I was never sure he understood what truck I was trying to describe. I referred to it as the former Stewart Models truck, and he told me they didn't have the old Stewart truck. But, when I referenced a specific model shown on their web site with that truck (PRR G39a ore jenny 691-10674) he replied that was the 74277. This is clearly the former Stewart Models truck, packaged with all of my ATSF triple hoppers.

They are listed as in-stock here if you want to take a chance:

John Hile

Recommend you browse the Bowser web site for instruction sheets. The sheet for H21/H22 lists part number 74090 as a "crown" truck. 74091 is for a pair with wheels. I think this is the 2D-F8?

The stewart truck part number 279 is shown under both the G39 and the 70 ton hopper. The Bowser web site also lists the Stewart parts, and 279 is described as a 70 Ton roller bearing truck, but the picture shown is a plain bearing truck.

I think Lee may have lost configuration control of his web site....

Anyone have a secret decoder ring for Bowser truck part numbers?

Dave Evans

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