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The PRR "Crown" truck used on the Bowser H22 is part 74091 and truck class 2D-F2 (50 ton) and on the H21a 2E-F2 and 2E-F2a (70 ton truck thus the journal size E).

The 2D-F8 is a 50 ton truck. Bowser part 74277, Red Caboose part 5009, Kadee part 517 and Sunshine part TM7. This truck was used under some H22 but no H21 cars. These trucks were used under FM, GLa, GLb, GLc, GLe, GLf, GLg, GP, GPa, GR, GRa, GS, GSa, GSc, GSd, H22, K7, K8, U6, XL, XLa, XLc, X23, X23a, X23b, X24, X25, X25a, X25b, X25c, X25d, X28a, X29, X29a, X30 class cars.

The ASF-3 50 ton truck was PRR classes 2D-F25, 2D-F26, 2D-F26a. These were used under X38, X40, X40a, X40b, X41, X41a and X41b class cars.

The ASF-3 70 ton truck was PRR classes 2E-F22, 2E-F22a, 2E-F22b and 2E-F22f

Rich Orr

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Recommend you browse the Bowser web site for instruction sheets. The sheet for
H21/H22 lists part number 74090 as a "crown" truck. 74091 is for a pair with
wheels. I think this is the 2D-F8?

The stewart truck part number 279 is shown under both the G39 and the 70 ton
hopper. The Bowser web site also lists the Stewart parts, and 279 is described
as a 70 Ton roller bearing truck, but the picture shown is a plain bearing

I think Lee may have lost configuration control of his web site....

Anyone have a secret decoder ring for Bowser truck part numbers?

Dave Evans


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