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I stipple on black artists acrylic straight from the tube for this. It can be weathered or toned down after it dries

Jerry Glow

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Slightly off-topic -- it occurs to me that these paints could be sued to simulate canvas roofing on cabooses and older passenger cars.  Also some work equipment.  

John B. Allyn
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Krylon has a group of paint colors they call “multicolor textured� that leave a speckled rough surface, almost like fine sandpaper. I bought the tan color yesterday to try on some autumn trees but, I’m sure it has many other applications around my layout. They also have a dark brown in the same line that might work for the “rough casting�look.
Another Krylon product group that I find useful are their “Camouflage Colors; non-reflective nature color�. These paints are dead flat and available in tan, dark brown, dark green and black. I’ve also bled off some of these paints into a smaller container and used them in one of my airbrushes when I needed more control. They work just as well by that method also, especially for model rail cars or vehicles.
Dave Lawler
Avon Lake, Ohio

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