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In that case the RC truck was only used under X28a and X29 class cars,

Rich Orr

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Martin Lofton wrote a six page article on PRR 2D-F8 freight trucks in the June
1993 issue of Model RailroadING magazine. In it you can learn that the the Red
Caboose truck is actually an ARA Type Y truck, PRR class 2D-F4.

Brian Leppert
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The 2D-F8 is a 50 ton truck. Bowser part 74277, Red Caboose part 5009, Kadee
part 517 and Sunshine part TM7. This truck was used under some H22 but no H21
cars. These trucks were used under FM, GLa, GLb, GLc, GLe, GLf, GLg, GP, GPa,
GR, GRa, GS, GSa, GSc, GSd, H22, K7, K8, U6, XL, XLa, XLc, X23, X23a, X23b, X24,
X25, X25a, X25b, X25c, X25d, X28a, X29, X29a, X30 class cars.

Rich Orr


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