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Rob Adams

It is always nice to come home from a week away for work and find some
fires burning. Unfortunately, not all of them are for keeping me warm
in our newly resurrected Iowa winter. I'd like to make a few comments
about this thread and the presently AWOL Steam Freight Cars web site.

First, my name is Rob Adams, and yes, I'm still part of the group. I
interacted with many of you most recently at Naperville this past
October or at the St. Louis RPM in August.

Second, the site being down is neither my doing,
nor something that I could have prevented. The URL registration and
hosting arrangements for the venerable site are maintained by Ted
Culotta. I suspect that through some oversight, he's allowed one or the
other to lapse. It is likely that he'll soon see one of the many
messages sent to his attention and correct that, in which case the web
site will light back up on its own. Should that not happen, I have
previously registered the URL "" and provisioned
hosting, which is intended for a completely revamped site. I do have
the entire contents of the original site backed up,
and can upload and have a replacement site up and running in relatively
short order.

Last, it is apparent from the comments made in the STMFC Yahoo group
that the SteamFreightCars site is appreciated by many and would be
missed were it to vanish forever from the web. This situation sets us
up rather nicely for a conversation about the site and its future. For
some time now, I've wrestled with how to sustain the site by myself,
particularly when faced with a relative dearth of new material
contributions from the site's users. The work I've done on the site is
done entirely as a volunteer and I realize no financial or other direct
benefit from the effort, nor do I wish to. It strikes me that the
magnitude of Ted's original effort and contributions are lost on most
modelers. Each of us has probably benefited from the site. How many of
us have contributed? Taking it to the next level is more than one
person can do on their own. I've been working with Bill Welch and a
handful of other modelers to relaunch the Steam Freight Cars site as a
refreshed and revamped resource with significant new content, regular
updates, and a more interactive capability. There are a lot of you out
there with unique and valuable knowledge that could be shared with
fellow historians and modelers through the site. Whether pertaining to
a specific scale, railroad or car type, we'd like to solicit your
contributions and eventually involve you directly as contributors and/or
subject matter experts in a blog-type or Q&A style framework that
augments the more static reference material.

Ted Culotta's vision of a one-stop resource for all matters related to
the Steam Era Freight Car still has relevance, and I'd like to see it
live on as an even more robust resource. A resource incorporating a
large number of contributors and frequent content refreshes without
obnoxious advertising, excessive commercialism or tainted by agendas.
Do you consider this to be a worthy objective? If so, please consider
what you might be able to contribute and get in touch soon. We'd
appreciate your help with this mission. Please contact me off-list at
steamera@... if you'd like to discuss.

Regardless of the disposition of the existing site, you'll be hearing
more from us about the re-launch/re-vamp in the near future. I look
forward to hearing from you.


Rob Adams
Wellman, Iowa

On 1/20/12 5:38 PM, Paul Lyons wrote:

I believe Rod Adams has/had control of the site. At one time he was
part of this group, not sure if he still is, or not.
Paul Lyons

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I have tried many times to get this site off of Ted and he said he gve
it to someone else. My wife and fellow modeller, was willing to run
it. Who knows, maybe I will try again.
Dennis Williams/Owner

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I recall someone took over the site from Ted and was trying to make it
active again. It's a significant loss of information on freight cars. A
request for financial assistance may have received a positive response
from the group.

Bob Witt

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Looks like the domain has expired. Sad to see this resource go away..

Bill Schneider

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Subject: [STMFC] Steam freight cars website

I just tried to look at something on the (originally Ted
Culotta’s ) website and things have changed. Is it just me seeing
the new {useless) format?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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